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Aesthetic Contradiction

Aesthetic Contradiction

– Valparaíso 2017 –

The 21 de mayo promenade is one of the most visited viewpoints in the city. It´s located in front of the harbor with a perspective that allows people to appreciate the spectacle of the moving containers and shipping barges. This very movement of containers and ships is the cause of the slow and steady predation of the waterfront which threatens the privilege of the porteños to inhabit their territory. Projects such as the VTP (Valparaiso passenger terminal) or el T2 displace fisherman’s wharfs and taking away the waterfront from the citizens, lacking urban planning and depriving the principal dignity of any city located on the coast by denying access to the water.

This video presents a reflexive experience during which the landscape is observed while contemplating it in two different ways at the same time. In a phrase that is repeated twice and inverted according to the perspective and also the language spoken, confusion is generated relating to the aesthetic and emotional impressions that the scene provokes.

What do we think about when we are contemplating this place?


Contradiction Esthétique / Contradicción Estética – Valparaíso 2017 from FáBRiKa on Vimeo.